The Kentucky Society of Periodontists

The purpose of the organization shall be to foster communication and sharing of information among the state of Kentucky periodontists.  It shall also serve as the Kentucky segment of the American Academy of Periodontology. 

As such, periodontists shall advance the art and science of Periodontology and, by its application, maintain and improve the health of the public.

Membership in organized dentistry is vital to our profession’s strength, as is membership in The Kentucky Society of Periodontists. The KSP provides leadership in organized dentistry through ethics, education and membership.  Thank you for taking a moment to acknowledge the importance of professional involvement. Please share this site with a colleague if they are not currently a member or have recently moved to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Why KSP Membership Matters to YOU

By joining and supporting the KSP, you will help ensure that the needs of all periodontists and their patients will be protected.

What you can do:

  • Become involved in organized dentistry at any level: local, state or national

  • If you cannot donate your time, maintain your membership in the KSP, the AAP, and ADA. Our commitment to organized dentistry matters.

  • Get to know your local politicians – personal relationships count.

Did you know?
The American Academy of Periodontology was initially named the American Academy of Oral Prophylaxis and Periodontology and was founded by two females in 1914, Drs. Gillette Hayden and Grace Roger Spalding. 

The first annual meeting was in Washington, D.C. in November 1914 with 17 members present.